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Our Philosophy

Consulting: an Art we Understand

For us consulting is a fine art of blending expertise with humanity while staying malleable.

Our consulting style is distinguished by our personalities.

Personal in dealing with our clients:
Because the CONTREU partners are businessmen themselves, they understand the language of business. Only people with great personalities who use it in dealing with clients can become partners at CONTREU.
Con (Latin) means "With". Therefore our consultants see themselves
not just as advisers, but as partners working in collaboration with our clients. In the intimate, personal consulting process, we develop, monitor and review optimal solutions.

Personal in dealing with the task:
We do not offer off the shelf solutions. Special requirements require special expertise. Our partners are used to interdisciplinary work. With our many faceted network created over years of growth we offer our clients one-stop service.

Get to know us and form your own opinion of us. We look forward to meeting you.
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71522 Backnang

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